About Us


  • To Reach The Crafted Luxury To The Next Level!


  • To make people comfortable using luxury fashionable accessories.

  • To become the shopper's first destination for global fashion items.

  • To serve premium products to the shoppers and retain the shoppers. 

  • To be the country’s best global fashion brand. 

About William POLO

William POLO is a brand that focused on premium quality crafted leather accessories. William POLO is always with the shoppers to whom luxury is the ultimate destination. 

Fashion is always incomplete without a premium fashion item. The global team of William POLO is always dedicated to introducing contemporary design with long-lasting materials which make you a perfect individual. 

Customer satisfaction and retention are the main focal point of William POLO. With a vision to make premium quality imported products available to everyone and build a satisfied shoppers family- William POLO is becoming the fashion icon to the people of Bangladesh.

Legal Information: 
William POLO is a concern of Engage Dizitally Ltd.
  • uncheckedEngage Dizitally Ltd Trade LicenceTRAD/DNCC/074733/2022
  • uncheckedTIN: 757263655432
  • uncheckedBIN: 004001406-0402

Managing Director:


Contact: 01878045705